105 Project

In this competition project, the goal was to design a branding system for the 105th Annual School of Visual Arts Student Exhibition.

This art show combines the three disciplines within the school: Studio Art, Visual Communication, and Art, Technology & Culture. Its goal is to show off the quality of work coming out of the School of Visual Arts, and it presents the work in a distinguished museum setting.

My exploration of this topic centered around the concept of light as a universal medium, since each artistic deals with the creation of light in some way, and dimensionality, since the brand should reflect the idea of the three disciplines coming together to form a cohesive, whole picture of the visual arts at the University of Oklahoma.

The following images are examples of how the brand can be applied in space.

Since dimensionality is central to the brand, plans for a three-dimensional sculptural version of the 105 symbol were mocked up.