Graphite & Charcoal

Most of you know that I’ve never really gotten into traditional art mediums like drawing and painting. As a kid I started in the digital realm and got comfortable there, but honestly, I could really feel a hole in my artistic skills that needed to be filled. So when I took a drawing class this semester, I was nervous but excited, and I’m pretty happy the development that I’ve experienced in that area. Here are a few of my drawings from this semester.











Wooden Scars

[I realized I never did write an “end of the school year” post, but I did indeed survive, and this past school year has possibly been the best of my life–so many things went right, and I’m really thankful for that, and for the community that I have found in Oklahoma. Looking forward to next year!]

I am fond of old benches.



Three cheers for survival.

“This was a triumph, I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.” – Portal, Still Alive

(“Aperture Science–we do what me must because we can. For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.”)

Well, I did it–I survived my first semester of college without getting mauled by a tiger (or any other ferocious beast). And not only survived, but also thoroughly enjoyed it. Honestly, I have absolutely zero regrets about going to OU. The choice to go so far away was a big one, but it’s helped me grow a lot in my faith and personality. Not to say there haven’t been a couple difficult spots, but overall the transition has been unbelievably smooth.

I’ve made wonderful friends in an amazing environment–people who have readily accepted me into their communities and groups and helped me grow in many ways. It’s also pretty great to find new people as quirky as I am (yay for quirkiness).

And hey, I’ve also learned that I love Latin. So that’s cool. Yay for reading ancient writing.

To all my OU friends: see you guys in a month! Have fantastic Christmases. ^.^

It’s also great to be back home! It’s a little weird, but great. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself for a whole month. Actually I do, I have a vague list of things to accomplish, but it still feels odd. To all my good friends here in Wisconsin, we should meet up and get coffee. Coffee is a delightful beverage to catch up over (and it’s okay if you don’t like coffee. You can get tea or hot chocolate. Scandalous, right? :o).

And to all you TPSers with whom I have not talked in an awful long time, we need to catch up as well.

So yeah. I’m still alive and basically just wanted to do a end-of-semester post. Farewell for now, my friends.

Over the hump… of the first week.

Yup. Had my last Intensive Honors Latin class for this week, along with English and Film, and now just have Logic tomorrow. And then a Latin test on Monday, which will be intense.

But so far, so good. No major fails in life or school yet. At least, not to my knowledge.

I present you with a few random thoughts I’ve had so far, since I haven’t really had time to collect myself and writing something deep and profound.

  • InterVarsity people are cool.
  • You know, the climate down here isn’t as bad as I thought. At least not right now.
  • But I’m really glad for AC–it’s 68 degrees in our dorm wing. Heck yeah.
  • Loads of free food, yo. I’m liking this “freshman at college” thing.
  • Finding fellow Sanderson fans makes everything better.
  • This campus is beautiful.
  • Yay for trees and shade.
  • Bikes are very useful.
  • I actually packed pretty much everything I’ve needed so far. Wow.
  • How the heck do people have time for dating in college. I’m seriously glad I’m not in that kind of relationship yet.
  • This’ll be fun. Crazy and fun.

And for those of you who missed it on FB, here’s a picture of one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve seen–which happens to be the main library on  campus. Bizzel Memorial Library, as it’s called.

Fabulous place. There’s a room there called The Great Reading Room, aka The Harry Potter Room, because it looks like the great hall in Harry Potter.

Well, that’s all for now. Farewell!

Funny Thing, Life Is

Funny, beautiful, heartrending, and so worth it.

Tomorrow I leave for college at the University of Oklahoma–and I’m going to be a 13 hour drive from home. And so I just said my final goodbyes to the people I’ve been around for most of my life. Sure, I’ll see some of them at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and next summer, but this still has a painful feeling of finality to it. So much life happens during the school year.

My friends, it’s been amazing. I’m going to miss everyone back home, and I’m hoping to keep in contact with many of you (seriously, I’m so thankful for the internet and smartphones right now). Also, good luck to my friends who are fellow freshmen–we’re in this together!

So in light of this transition in my life, I’m sort of revamping my blog and consolidating my web content, to make keeping up with stuff easier. I’ve been wanting to move it to this domain for a while (I used to post on, and this seems like the perfect time to do so.

Previously, I posted just art, but this blog is going to be a whole lot more. I’ll write about my experiences, perhaps do an occasional vlog, post video projects, 3D projects, photography, philosophical ramblings, and pretty much whatever I feel like. Maybe even fictional writing. I’m going to try and update it at least weekly, but we’ll see how hard the school year hits me.

Until next time, farewell!