Number Two

Another one.




A slightly surrealist mix of photography and 3D modeling, definitely inspired by the style of Anberlin’s music video for “Unstable.”


as it seems

So this is what happens when I whimsically decided to boot up Photoshop and edit stuff when I really need sleep.img_4502_51


As I was walking around snapping photos in the golden hour, I came upon two workmen kicking up tons of dust with their tools.

A Somewhat-But-Not-Really-Abstract Montage (Yes, really)

So I went around campus last week and just took some photos, some subject-focused and tour-like and others just a more abstract snapshot of the beauty of light. Also, just be aware that I took artistic liberties with the lighting and color, and be assured that Oklahoma is really a lot greener than some of the pictures make it look. This first shot is simply the walkway I take every morning to class.

And naturally, on my way to class, there are many British phone booths. Yay for phone booths!

There are plenty of great places on campus (like the ones with phone booths!), but the Honors College library is my absolute favorite place to study. It’s quiet, cozy, and has absolutely amazing chairs. If I ever need a place to crash and nap, this will be it.

And the Honors College also has an awesome courtyard of sorts. So here’s my classic Brenizer bench picture.

And now we get to the abstract-y stuff. The sun looked simply beautiful through the trees.

This path looked gorgeous too.

As did these plants when out of focus.

And the tall grasses looked pretty awesome too.

Additionally, we have special fire hydrants. Crimson and cream!

And lastly, here’s a picture of my dorm (in the background). I live on the 10th floor, and it’s great.

So, now you have a bit of a visual tour of my campus. It’s really quite a wonderful place.

Not the TARDIS, but still cool

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but OU’s campus has genuine English telephone booths. Sadly, not the blue kind–but I’ll be content with these. =)