Over the hump… of the first week.

Yup. Had my last Intensive Honors Latin class for this week, along with English and Film, and now just have Logic tomorrow. And then a Latin test on Monday, which will be intense.

But so far, so good. No major fails in life or school yet. At least, not to my knowledge.

I present you with a few random thoughts I’ve had so far, since I haven’t really had time to collect myself and writing something deep and profound.

  • InterVarsity people are cool.
  • You know, the climate down here isn’t as bad as I thought. At least not right now.
  • But I’m really glad for AC–it’s 68 degrees in our dorm wing. Heck yeah.
  • Loads of free food, yo. I’m liking this “freshman at college” thing.
  • Finding fellow Sanderson fans makes everything better.
  • This campus is beautiful.
  • Yay for trees and shade.
  • Bikes are very useful.
  • I actually packed pretty much everything I’ve needed so far. Wow.
  • How the heck do people have time for dating in college. I’m seriously glad I’m not in that kind of relationship yet.
  • This’ll be fun. Crazy and fun.

And for those of you who missed it on FB, here’s a picture of one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve seen–which happens to be the main library on  campus. Bizzel Memorial Library, as it’s called.

Fabulous place. There’s a room there called The Great Reading Room, aka The Harry Potter Room, because it looks like the great hall in Harry Potter.

Well, that’s all for now. Farewell!


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